Unlock the Mystery of Web Development with Microservices

By IBM X The GrEEK Campus

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We learn from the lessons of the past to move forward. Traditionally, application development has been based on a monolithic architecture in which all the software components are built as a one single complex block. However, this approach has many drawbacks when it comes to maintainability, scalability and reliability.

This is why The GrEEK Campus is inviting all software developers and architects to join IBM’s workshop where they’ll get the chance to learn how the microservices architecture came to save the day.


The workshop will teach you how to use these tools, whilst building your very first real cloud application. Our agenda will include discussing the following technologies:

  • Docker as a containerizing engine.

  • Kubernetes and Redhat Openshift for cluster management.



  • Bring your laptop to follow along with the Code Lab.

  • Node version >= 8.10.0

  • Download any code editor.


Register for the event now and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.


Bios of speakers: 

  • Mohamed Sherif Abdelaziz is a Developer Advocate at IBM Egypt who holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the German University in Cairo. He is a co-founder of a fitness platform startup. Moreover, he has professional experience as a Java Software Developer. Mohamed finds passion in learning new technologies and delivering what he learned to people. He is mostly interested in Artificial Intelligence and Microservices.

  • Samer Fouad is a Cloud Developer Advocate with IBM. He is a top graduate holding bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences with Honors. During his college years, he took some additional courses in the exchange program from the university of the district of Columbia [UDC]. He has good teaching skills and is passionate about delivering digital transformation specially using modern cloud technologies. Samer is very Interested in DevOps, Blockchain, Serverless and Microservices technology. As well, he has a concrete working knowledge in business intelligence and web development as well as a considerable experience in reporting and data visualization solutions. Plus, his passion towards entrepreneurship led him to start his own Tech-Startup in the final year of college with a main focus on developing and delivering Business Intelligence solutions targeting SMEs.

Date & Time

Start date

22 Feb 2020

End date

22 Feb 2020

From - To

01:00 pm - 05:00 pm



21 Feb 2020 1:00 PM

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