Remote Heroes: The Brilliance of a Borderless Software Engineer

By Andela

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The global tech ecosystem is currently experiencing a shift in the way and manner of delivering work to a more distributed model. According to the 2019 HackerRank Report on what developers look for in a job, 80% of Software Engineers ranked remote-work as one of their top asks for better work-life balance, which places remote-work as one of the key value propositions within the engineering scene.

As companies adopt the distributed teams model, there is an urgent need to unpack what it entails for both organizations and engineers to excel in a remote-work setting, an ever-evolving industry. As much as remote work is one of the most important components of the distributed work model and while a lot of people are currently engaged in it, only a few deliver excellently on it.

Andela is putting together an event dubbed Remote Heroes with Egypt's Tech Influencers and Leaders, who will unpack what it means to work in a remote, distributed team and succeed, highlighting remote work and tips to navigating and succeeding at it.

Date & Time

Start date

22 Feb 2020

End date

22 Feb 2020

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05:00 pm - 08:00 pm



21 Feb 2020 6:29 PM

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