اللي أوله بريف أخره اعلان

By SYNC School

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SYNC is a school for the unconventional, the restless minds and the visionaries. We’re here to create a space for those whose thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched. At SYNC we strive to connect creatives together, show the extent of their talents, and allow them to work together to create the best content they can, be it film-making or advertising, SYNC is the place to learn, make and grow.

What happens when a client sends in a brief for an ad? Does it magically come to life on your screens? What’s the process? And how do the people that work on the ad actually work on the ad? We gathered some of the best in the business to tell you all about the journey of the ad.

From The creative guru Mohamed Hammady, to the master director Ahmed El Naggar, and the power-house producer Amira Sherif. On February 14th (yea we know it’s valentines, better than Netflix and Chill, right?) all three of them will grace us with their stories, workflows and advice to everyone who is in the field, wants to get in the field, or doesn’t know what happens in the field.

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Date & Time

Start date

14 Feb 2020

End date

14 Feb 2020

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03:00 pm - 07:00 pm



14 Feb 2020 3:00 PM

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