BSides Cairo 2020

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Bsides Cairo is an information security conference that will host information security professionals, security researchers, academics, undergrads, graduate students, corporations and any person who wants to share knowledge and learn from others.
We look forward to bring together experts, researchers and students to share their thoughts, projects, experiences to face together the current information security challenges of our days and to come up with new ideas and collaborations.

Our mission is to create a more knowledge-based event regardless of age, academic title or industrial position, and to provide the Egyptian community with an alternative event by removing the current common industrial and marketing-driven conferences barriers and providing a more technical approach regarding all the organization aspects of an information security conference, from the speakers to the target audience.

– Student Ticket: EGP 210
– Standard Ticket: EGP 635

Students Ticket Policy:
The Security BSides Cairo team is trying to provide the lowest ticket price for students, so kindly read our policy before applying for a discount code.

– Have a valid student ID (2018/2019 – 2019/2020)
– (Or) A proof from your university or high school [Technical, National and International] that you are a student from the current year in case you haven’t Printed ID.
– ITI and NTI [Cybersecurity Track] can apply with Student ID or request paper for track management in case no printed ID
– Rejected Applications: Old ID [Not 2018-2019 or 2019-2020], National ID / Driver ID, Unclear [Study Year] university / high school proof papers, Fake Uni or school ID / Papers, Professionals who use old Uni ID

Side discussions:
We loved the event format of BSides Zurich, where, after each talks session, speakers move to separate rooms where attendees who are interested in their talks can join them and engage in active discussions along with snacks and coffee.
So, we have set up some side-discussion tables where speakers and attendees can continue chatting about the talk’s topic in a more easy way.

Rookies & Mentors:
We appreciate BSides London success story for Rookie Track. The purpose of the “Rookie Track” is to give those who have not previously given a talk the opportunity to do so, whether you are a student still at university, someone who has recently made the conversion to security or someone who has been in the industry for years.
So, we have ‘Rookie Track’ to give you an opportunity to be speaker and mentors will be available to help during submission processes.

Topics of interest are (of course not limited to):
– Binary exploitation
– Vulnerability hunting
– Reverse engineering
– Hardware security
– Network security
– Web security
– Mobile security
– Digital forensics
– Applied cryptography
– Secure coding
– Fuzzing
– Social engineering
– Malware analysis
– Defensive and offensive strategies
– Wireless security
– Lockpicking
– Phishing
– Privacy

Review Process:
After the CfP deadline, our review board has 1 month to look over all submissions and give a score to each proposal. The rejection and acceptance lists will be built based on the given scores.
The proposals with the highest score will move to the first batch of acceptance notice and strong rejections will be immediately sent out too.
In the next few weeks, the board will start contacting the authors with the highest scores to confirm the acceptance of their proposals and start filling the conference program. If the accepted speaker doesn’t respond, doesn’t want to or can’t attend anymore, the board will move on with the next highest scored proposals in the acceptance list.
Once the conference program is full, the board starts to provide feedback for the remaining submissions. We hope to manage to notify all the confirmed speakers at least 15 days before the conference date.
The final agenda and talks abstracts will be out by January 15, 2020!!!

Date & Time

Start date

14 Feb 2020

End date

15 Feb 2020

From - To

11:00 am - 08:00 pm



13 Feb 2020 2:15 PM

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