Look Out for COP27!

By The GrEEK Campus and Greenish

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Look Out for COP27! A Collaboration Between The GrEEK Campus and Greenish

When? June - November 2022

Where? The GrEEK Campus Downtown


In advance of this year’s COP27 conference in Egypt, Look Out for COP27! Is a partnership between The GrEEK Campus and Greenish aiming to support entrepreneurs and MSMEs to utilize this unique opportunity to effectively manage emerging developments in environmental legislation and regulations. The initiative would also build linkages between key players in the ecosystem - from corporate to  government to entrepreneurship - towards achieving more sustainable value chains and incorporating circular business models.


Look Out for COP27! Climate Talk

Take the lead on climate action in our upcoming climate talk led by Mohamed Kamal, Technical Director, and Marwan Rasmy, Development and Program Coordinator, and Kareem Raafat, Environment Specialist,  at Greenish on Monday 27 June at The GrEEK Campus Downtown. This is a FREE event, register now!


This talk is designed to raise awareness on COP and to build capacities of the local entities so that they can have a substantial and effective presence in this year’s COP27 conference in Egypt. Participants will be invited to develop their own mini strategy for engaging with COP27 in the form of an interactive hands-on exercise. 


What You’ll Learn

  1. Pathway to adequately engage and make the most out of COP27 in Egypt

  2. Possible roles and engagement opportunities in COP27

  3. Explaining the opportunities and possible challenges that might face businesses from COP outputs in reference to the Nationally Determined Contributions set by Egypt and other relevant countries




Introduction to Greenish and COP27 – Engaging with audience understanding their backgrounds


How can businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from COP27 Outcomes?


Interactive discussion on the sectors most affected and benefited by changes in environmental regulations. How to mitigate the losses from such changes?


Who’s this for?

Startups or individuals interested to engage with COP27 in Egypt


About the instructors

Mohamed is a Public Health Engineer with expertise in Solid Waste Management and Plastic Pollution. He is the current Co-director of Greenish, an organization that works on environmental awareness, education, and advocacy. Mohamed has been actively working on plastic pollution related projects in Egypt for the past 4 years, specifically quantification and mapping of mismanagement of plastics across the country.

Mohamed has also been working on CSO advocacy and engagement for COP27 since October 2021 on several fronts, to better engage Egyptian Environmental NGOs with COP27 and utilize the opportunity provided by the event to elevate the integration of NGOs into the climate negotiations and policy making space.


Marwan is an Energy Engineer focusing on sustainable community development and circular economy transitions in local value chains He also have a specific interest in sustainable energy applications for rural settings. Marwan is currently the Business and Program Development specialist at Greenish. At Greenish, Marwan works with the drive to building capacities of local communities’ members for achieving sustainable local development and assist communities to localize their value chains by adopting appropriate circular business models for their local contexts.

Marwan also has been working on raising awareness on COP27 and on how individuals and CSOs could engage in COP27 and in activities supporting COP27.


Kareem is an Environmental Engineer working currently as Environmental Specialist for different projects in Integral Consult and works with Greenish on several projects regarding mainstreaming Green and circular based Incubation programs in Egyptian private and public universities.

Kareem was one of the Co- founders of ReNile Startup that aims to provide innovative IT solutions and monitoring systems for water and energy projects. He then worked with the FAO UN on developing community based early warning systems against natural hazards as a part of climate change adaptation methods in the Arab states. 

Karim also is one of the first monitoring and evaluation external surveyors in Egypt to work with WE4F, a joint international initiative by the USAID, BMZ and the EU, on assessing startups' innovations in food production in agriculture, as well as, water and energy savings and resources efficiency.


About Greenish

Greenish is an Egyptian foundation that aims to achieve sustainable development through interactive educational activities, environmental assessment services, and provide support to local communities vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

Greenish is currently working to support Egyptian Civil Society to engage with COP27 in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Furthermore, they have partnered with the center of excellence for climate change and sustainable development to deliver the climate leadership programme (CLP) which is focused on providing capacity building for youth through local climate change expertise in Egypt.


This is a FREE event. 

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27 Jun 2022

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30 Aug 2022

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