Transitioning to E-Mobility - Driving A Sustainable Future

By The GrEEK Campus X electrified

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When? Wednesday 1 June, 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Where? Blue Room, The GrEEK Campus Downtown


Car lovers! This workshop is for you! Are you aware of the numerous environmental benefits electric vehicles provide as opposed to their gas-guzzling counterparts? The growing industry supports all kinds of new business opportunities and the lack of CO2 emissions can provide substantial health benefits to our most vulnerable communities. 


Learn about the countless additional perks and benefits of driving an EV in our workshop on Wednesday, 1 June from 6:00 to 9:00 PM led by Ayman Mohamed Head of Business Development and Co-Founder and Ahmed El Hosseny CEO and Co-Founder at electrified an online platform dedicated to accelerate the shift to electric mobility in the region.


What You’ll Learn 

  • EVs 101 - introduction to different types of electric vehicles

  • How and where to charge your electric vehicle

  • Electric mobility policies and adoption in Egypt

  • How you can save money and the planet by driving electric 

  • Real electric vehicle owner testimonials

  • Future of micro mobility and hands-on charging demonstration 


Who’s this for?

Anyone interested in this topic.


About the Instructors

Ahmed studied environmental engineering and started his career in Canada. Moved back to Egypt in 2020 to start his journey as an impact entrepreneur by co-founding electrified.

Ayman is the Head of Business Development and Co-Founder of electrified. and a go-to specialist for everything e-mobility. He is an ex-energy consultant under Minister Dr. Saad El Geyosh. Ayman launched the EV Egypt Club, a community of over 100K members. 


About electrified

electrified is an electric vehicle marketplace that facilitates buying and selling new and used EVs, chargers, and accessories, finding charging stations and comparing and rating electric vehicle service providers.


This is a FREE workshop. Taught in English and Arabic.

Date & Time

Start date

01 Jun 2022

End date

01 Jun 2022

From - To

06:00 pm - 09:00 pm



01 Jun 2022 9:00 PM

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Event Venues

Blue Room