Score Opportunities at Football Expo

By iSpark

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If you’re a football fan and want to explore the latest trends and opportunities in the industry, Football Expo connects you with like-minded individuals that share a common goal ⚽. The sports event takes place on Friday and Saturday, 26/27 November and brings together various football industry stakeholders in the MENA region and features experts in, among others: sports science, administration, marketing, and fundraising.


About Football Expo

A platform that connects football industry stakeholders through collaboration and growth opportunities in the MENA Region. They aim to lead a strong football ecosystem by connecting and empowering the industry stakeholders.


Expo Speakers

Rodrigo Martinez, 
Sports Marketing Executive, CA Sports, Spain 

Tim Harkness, 
Head of Sports Science and Sports Psychology with Chelsea FC

Marc Serra, 
Managing Director & Partner at CA

Mr. Zohair Ammar, 
President & Founder of Score 

Youssef Othman, 
YouTuber, Actor, Content Creator. 

Ahmed Ezzeldin, 
Content Creator & Managing Editor of Sarmady. 

Hassan Beltagy, 
Member of the analysis team of the German National Team, Academy Coach at Paris Saint Germain in Paris. 

Mohab Eltawila, 
VP of Radiant Group (Nogoom FC)

Amr Nassouhy, 
Content Creator & YouTuber. 

Date & Time

Start date

26 Nov 2021

End date

27 Nov 2021

From - To

01:00 pm - 09:30 pm

11:00 am - 08:30 pm



26 Nov 2021 12:00 PM

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