Techne Drifts 2021 Grand Finale

By Techne

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Techne Drifts Grand Finale in Cairo, is a one-day event concluding a 6-week journey across 12 governorates in Egypt to support investment & entrepreneurship by fostering innovation through a cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach.

The event includes talks, panel discussions & workshops and is accompanied by a corporate & startup exhibition showcasing the latest tech trends, entrepreneurship & investment programs. While the content focuses on corporate challenges, investment opportunities and celebrates successful startups in Egypt.

Multi industry investors, speakers and participants contribute to the event including several sectors such as Health Tech, Gaming, Sports Tech, Marketing & Media Tech, EdTech, Real-estate & Prop Tech, Fintech & Ecommerce, and Clean technologies.

Event Agenda


Date & Time

Start date

10 Apr 2021

End date

10 Apr 2021

From - To

12:00 pm - 10:00 pm



09 Apr 2021 11:30 PM

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