Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2021

By Supply Chain Innovation Summit

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After the success of the first specialized Supply Chain Summit in Egypt in 2019 gathering supply chain experts, mentors, career coaches, employers, & startups. The Supply Chain Innovation Summit in its new edition for 2021 is here!

This year’s summit is bringing a whole new experience in a two-day event & a hybrid model (both online & offline)
But what’s going to happen in these two days?

This event is designed for juniors, entrepreneurs, & industry experts by tailoring the content & activities catering to three pillars:
1. Learning & Employability
2. Business & Networking
3. Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Activities of pillar one: Learning & Employability:

1. Career Choice:
Meet with a career coach and take personality tests to make informed career decisions & choose the right career path

2. Workshops:
40+ online workshops in the supply chain to gain a solid base on each topic giving you a competitive edge as a candidate when applying to jobs

Workshops tracks:
- Planning Management
- Procurement Management
- Logistics Management
- Warehousing
- Manufacturing & Operations
- Retail & E-commerce

3. Career readiness:
Attend online career readiness workshops that build both your interpersonal skills & career-related skills

4. Mentorship:
Visit the mentorship zone to connect with a mentor who will give you direct advice and answer your questions in the different tracks of the supply chain

5. Panel discussions:
Hearing from seniors & experts the hot topics in the labor market related to supply chain

6. Debates:
A discussion between two opposite concepts about controversial topics and hearing the different point of views from the speakers

7. Talks:
Hear employers talk about their companies & the new market trends

8. Exhibition:
Visit companies booths & apply for job vacancies

Activities of pillar two: Business & Networking:

1. Advanced Supply Chain topics:
Bringing together experts to introduce advanced topics and new industry trends such as; supply chain analytics, and using blockchain in the supply chain.

2. Business Matchmaking:
An activity that helps to create more connections & generate more business leads

3. Supply Chain Expo:
Visit companies booths to get updated with their new services, products & innovations

Activities of pillar three: Innovation & Entrepreneurship:

1. Sales pitching:
Market for your new product or service as a start-up on the business stage & land some new deals

2. Networking:
Connect with businesspeople and exchange your contacts to build a large network & have new potential clients

3. Workshops:
Learn from leading entrepreneurs in the logistics, transportation, retail, and supply chain

4. AAST Supply Chain Incubator:
An opportunity to apply for the incubation cycle & get benefits from the AAST Supply Chain Incubator

Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or industry expert, this event is for you, so why should you attend?

1. Join a one-of-kind community
2. Generate business leads
3. Networking with professionals and executives
4. Get to know the latest trends & innovations
5. Meet employers & hunt for a job
6. Talk about your start-up and showcase your new service or product to business people

Event time & date:
9th & 10th of April 2021

Event location:
Day 1 online on Eventtus
Day 2 offline the GrEEk Campus, Tahrir

Your investment:
Early Bird: 250 EGP (Ends 15th of March)
Late Owl: 350 EGP
Get your ticket: https://supplychaininnovationsummit.com/tickets/

Ticket benefits:
1. Attend the main stage activities (Talks, Debates & Panel Discussions)
2. Attend career readiness workshops on the digital platform
3. Attend Supply Chain workshops on the digital platform
4. Attend the career coaching activity
5. Access the networking & mentorship zone
6. Visit exhibitors booths & apply for jobs
7. Attend advanced Supply Chain topics

Date & Time

Start date

10 Apr 2021

End date

10 Apr 2021

From - To

11:00 am - 08:00 pm



08 Mar 2021 11:45 PM

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