U meet - The Urban Week 2021

By U for Urban Impact X The GrEEK Campus

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Are you ready to leave an impact on the world? If your answer is YES! then JOIN US AND ATTEND THE FIRST URBAN WEEK IN EGYPT! U MEET!

Be part of a full urban experience and meet experts from all over the world and enjoy discussions, debates, and potential opportunities to work on local & global urban challenges. The urban week will also include Virtual sessions, a series of workshops, city tours, and so much more!

The Urban Week will include:

Virtual sessions 2-5 April
Umeet virtually is for city lovers and social partners who are passionate about making a change. Whatever your knowledge is, you can’t miss this!

Workshops 7 April
a series of workshops will be held as part of the U meet the urban week tackling our four global goals rebuild, recycle, reconnect and rebrand. You will learn more about team building, community work, and sustainable techniques of construction. It will also allow you to learn from experts in the sustainability field how to kick-start your own environmentally sustainable business. Additionally, you will learn the practical techniques of photography, and documenting to be a professional freelancer by the end of the workshop. Last but not least, you will get travel tips and tricks from travel gurus.

City tour 8 April
We will meet to explore the city, know more about the buildings' history, and discuss the different artistic architectural styles. Also, rethink the under-utilized alleyways.

On ground event 9 April
A city like experience right at the Greek campus highlighting our four global goals where people will get the chance to explore how they can impact their cities and public spaces through our interactive activities and games. We aim to promote the ideology of a sustainable city that reuses all areas, materials, and human creativity to reinvent the urban field. Additionally, to promote a city that can fully function during the pandemic by introducing technologies and innovative ideas.

You don't want to miss out on this one!

Date & Time

Start date

09 Apr 2021

End date

09 Apr 2021

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10:00 am - 10:00 pm



08 Apr 2021 11:55 PM

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