VYE Town Center Design Competition - 2020

By The GrEEK Campus

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Calling all architects, designers, community builders and innovators!

It’s time to create a new kind of town center. 

One that reinvents space as the heart of its community through dynamic planning, design, and management.

This town center will call the new SODIC VYE project in New Zayed home.

It’s lively and inviting; a space where residents can socialize, work, learn, shop, and relax.

The challenge of the VYE Town Center Design Competition is to encourage architects, designers, community builders and innovators to imagine a space that goes beyond traditional conceptions of the town center. The idea is to experiment with different design scenarios that can foster social engagement and inclusion as well as integrate eco-friendly solutions. 

Ask yourself: How will the space change in the coming decades? Beyond the pretenses and strategies of short-term marketing, how can the space be reimagined so that it allows everyone to flourish? Is it a question of use? Functionality? Scale? Interaction? Location? Atmosphere? Design? Ecology?

Competition participants are asked to tackle any issue (or several issues), but it must address the idea of placemaking.

What do you believe the VYE Town Center can be?



  • Registration Deadline: 30 August, 2020 | 8pm

  • Selection Announcement: 2 September, 2020 | 8pm

  • Welcome Session + Q&A [virtual]: 3 September, 2020

Competition Stage 1:

  • First Submission Deadline: 24 September, 2020 | 8pm

  • First Stage of Competition:  3 - 24 September, 2020 (virtual mentorship and support via “Slack” channel) 

  • Shortlist Announcement: 30 September, 2020 (10 proposals + 5 student proposals will receive an invitation to participate in the second and final stage of the competition)

Competition Stage 2:

  • Second Stage of Competition: 1 - 22 October, 2020 (virtual mentorship and support via “Slack” channel) 

  • Follow-up Session + Q&A [virtual]: 1 October, 2020 

  • Second Submission Deadline:  22 October, 2020 | 8pm

  • Finalist Pitches: 23 October, 2020 

  • Winners Announcement: 28 October, 2020


3 winning proposals, 1 special award recipient and 5 honourable mentions will be selected. SODIC will award a total of $8,000 in prize money to competition winners as follows: 

  • 1st Prize – $4,000

  • 2nd Prize – $2,500

  • 3rd Prize – $1,000

  • Student Prize – $500

  • + 5 honorable mentions

The winners will be featured on SODIC & The GrEEK Campus marketing channels, as well as acknowledged for their outstanding performance with honorable mentions and certificates.

Preparation for the construction of the winning proposal will commence after the competition. The proposal owner, be they an individual or team, is encouraged to participate in this phase.


For more information about the Town Center site, please download the following:

The winning proposal must include:

  • Community-building facilities that are within walking distance;
  • Flexible, multi-purpose spaces to accommodate activities such as seminars, bazaars, wellness workshops and seasonal events;
  • Innovative amenities: flexible office spaces, outdoor coworking spaces and event spaces;
  • A green communal space that provides a refreshing, tranquil environment.

Eligibility Criteria (who can apply?)

  • The competition is open to senior students, graduates and professionals in architecture, design, urban planning, engineering, environmental design, interior design or any related discipline.

  • The competition aims to help young professionals and students; therefore, the upper age limit for participants is 40.

  • Both individuals & teams of up to 6 members are welcome to apply. 

  • The competition encourages multi-disciplinary individuals & teams to apply. 

  • Participants are expected to commit to the competition schedule, deadlines and requirements. 

  • All submissions must be written in English. 

  • Individuals & teams can only outsource their project for rendering purposes.


Core Members:

  • Ahmed El Alfi (Chairman, The GrEEK Campus)

  • Magued Sherif (Managing Director & CEO, SODIC)

  • Nabil Amasha (Chief Commercial Officer, SODIC)

  • Shehab El Orabi (Chief Operations Officer, SODIC)

  • Ramy Raafat (Chief Development Officer, SODIC)

  • Tamer Anani (Design & Engineering Executive Director)

Consultative Members:

  • Mostafa Fayed (Development Director, SODIC)

  • Ahmed Enany (Build-form Director, SODIC)

  • Amr Azzazzi (Design Manager, SODIC)

  • Mohamed Hossam (Design Manager, SODIC)

  • Magda Kalee (Lead Architect, SODIC)

  • Sarah Sarhan (Senior Architect, SODIC)

  • Sarah Abdelrazek (Development Associate, SODIC)

Submission Process

The submission process will span two stages. Single digital submissions must be sent by email for each stage. The email address will be announced to qualified participants in due time.

Stage 1:

Participants must submit one vertical A1 presentation poster (594 x 841 mm) + an explanatory A4 text describing the proposal (up to 500 words). Posters must contain all the necessary graphic information to explain the project in the best way possible (title, diagrams, sketches, 3D visualizations, plans and sections, axonometric projections, collages, blueprints, etc.). All kinds of graphic representations and formats will be accepted.

Recommended submission content:

  • Concept designs that highlight that all aspects of the design are of the highest quality and in keeping with the design brief and proposed site.

  • The main points of proposed plans and sections, multiple internal and external perspectives demonstrating the spatial quality of the building, operational needs, and accessibility requirements.

  • Demonstration of project construction, materiality, functions, management, and maintenance; as well as an approach to the environment, energy and sustainability, indoor environment, and logistics.

Stage 2:

Participants must submit four vertical A1 presentation posters (594 x 841 mm) + an explanatory A4 text describing the proposal (up to 500 words). In addition, participants can submit an optional video pitching their concept. 

Suggested set of deliverables:

  • Diagrams: circulation, public versus private space, lighting, landscaping, transportation, energy systems

  • Cityscapes/Urban Relationships: master plan showing the entire site and the landscape with the ground floor plan represented (suggested scale 1:500 or 1:1000)

  • Ground and Typical Floor Plans (suggested scale 1:100)

  • 2+ Cross Sections (suggested scale 1:100) 

  • Minimum 2 Facades (suggested scale 1:100)

  • Minimum 2 Exterior Human-eye Shots (at least A4)

  • Minimum 2 Interior Rendering Shots 

  • Table(s) reflecting the area calculations (including footprint and BUA)

This is just a suggestion. Participants can choose to use the entire list, a selection from it, or propose a completely diļ¬€erent set that would explain their design in the best way possible. All kinds of graphic representations and formats will be accepted.

Format requirements for submissions: 

  • Text and annotations must be written in English.

  • Text must be in Times New Roman font. Body text should be 12-point font, subtitles 14-point font and headings 16-point bold font.  

  • Text should be double-spaced. 

  • Your registration ID should be placed on the bottom right corner of all papers submitted. Please do not add any identifying information (name, national ID number etc.)

  • Files should be sent in PDF format, with a maximum file size of 10MB. 

  • Poster files should be uploaded in TIFF and DWG formats (depending on the material), with a maximum file size of 10MB. 

  • The explanatory text file should be uploaded in PDF format, with a maximum file size of 10MB. 

  • Files must be named using the following format: “date of submission (YEAR-MONTH-DAY)_ code of participant_ poster/text number” (e.g 200722_TH123_ TEXT1 OR 200722_TH123_ POSTER1).

Evaluation Criteria & Weighting

  • Originality of Concept – 20%
    To what extent does the proposal put forward a radical, new form of the Town Center (architecturally, operationally, and conceptually)? 

  • Response to Environmental challenges – 20%
    To what extent does the proposal make use of renewable energy sources? What is the carbon footprint of the proposed project? How effective does the proposal offset its water and energy consumption?

  • Degree of Social Engagement and Inclusion – 20%
    To what extent does the proposal draw prospective users? How socially engaging is the proposed design? How accessible and inclusive is the proposal to disabled people and senior citizens? 

  • Integration with the Surrounding Site – 20%
    How does the proposal fit into the surrounding site, and how does it correspond to the existing environment? 

  • Economic efficiency – 20%
    How feasible is the proposed project and the functionality of zoning? How does the proposal tackle financial challenges and opportunities?

Terms & Conditions

  1. General 

Any violation of  the following rules will result in participants, whether individuals or teams, being disqualified from the competition: 

  • Prizes are presented to the winning individual or team, regardless of the number of members in a team. 

  • Only one project submission is allowed per individual/team. 

  • Participants are not allowed to ask a jury member about anything related to the competition.

  • Individuals/teams are not allowed to join the competition if they have been, or are currently, in business collaboration or relationship with any of the organizers and/or jury members.

  1. Submission

  • All entries must be submitted digitally. The competition’s registration and submission system ensures absolute anonymity of applicants/participants. 

  • Following the registration process, qualified participants will receive an ID number which they will use in all communication and submissions.

  1. Confidentiality 

  • Any communication with an outside party concerning the content or running of the competition, before, during or after the competition, including announcing the results of the competition, may only occur with the written authorization of the organizing company.

  1. Selection of Winning Proposals

  • The competition jury will be responsible for evaluating the various projects, in order to select the winning projects, using the agreed upon criteria and weighting (see “Selection Criteria”)

  1. Rights to Advertise and Represent Projects 

  • Organizing company is not authorized to publish or use participants' proposed projects without mentioning their efforts or rewards for winners.

  • Participants grant the company organizing the competition and its partners the rights to represent, publish and display their project and/or all documents presented during the competition, without any financial compensation.

  • Participants and winners will be authorized to publish or present their projects under prior agreement of the company organizing the competition. Participants undertake to inform the company organizing the competition of any publicity or publication relating to the project.

  1. Cancellation of the Competition 

  • The organizing company may decide not to proceed with the competition or to cancel it at any time, without needing to provide any justification for this decision. In this case, candidates may not claim any compensation for this reason alone. 

  1. Modification of the Details of these Specifications 

  • The organizing company reserves the right to make modifications or clarifications to these specifications up until 15 days before the deadline for submitting projects. In this case, participants are required to submit projects on the basis of the amended document, without being able to make any claim in this respect. If the submission date of the projects were to be changed during the competition, this deadline would be recalculated from the new date.

  1. Acceptance of the Rules

  • By registering for this competition, participants accept all requirements and specifications governing this competition. Noncompliance with these specifications may lead to disqualification.

  1. Time Zone

  • The dates and times appearing in these specifications and on the competition website refer to Cairo, Egypt time (GMT+2).

  1. Contact Questions

  • Should you have any questions regarding the organization of the competition or the terms of participation, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]

Don’t miss this opportunity! Create your team and register (or register individually) by 30 August.

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30 Aug 2020

End date

28 Oct 2020

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