Book A Space, Build A Network: Introducing New Day Use Rooms for Individuals & Teams

By: The GrEEK Campus Team (The GrEEK Campus)

On: 03 Jan 2023 03:01 PM

To everyone always asking us if they can come and work at The GrEEK Campus for the day, we’ve finally made it happen! Starting January 2023, you can experience what it’s like to work from The GrEEK Campus by booking one of our Day Use Rooms. If you're already a member and need a room for gatherings, meetings, workshops or conferences, we've got something for everyone. 


Bright Day Office with High Ceiling 

Located in the Greek Building with high ceilings and a window front (with shades), our Day Office is filled with brightness and light to energize your team for productivity. The room fits up to 8 people and is perfect for hosting small workshops and team meetings. Two large square tables can be arranged according to the group size and needs. Additional seating is available, if needed.  


Multifunctional Social Room for Private Gatherings 

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If you are looking for a truly multifunctional event space, then the Social Room is for you. Part lounge area and part quiet workstation, the social room is furnished with bean bags, a comfortable sofa, a kitchenette and dining corner and quiet desk area behind glass doors for private calls and/or meetings. We are happy to adapt the furnishings and seating to your individual needs (group tables, lounge corners, conference).  

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The combination of professional equipment, modern furniture and lively colors create the perfect atmosphere for a team-building day, stimulating your participants to think creatively and work collaboratively.  The room fits 20-30 people depending on the setting. 


Blue Room