Revisiting Our Highlights of 2022

By: The GrEEK Campus Team (The GrEEK Campus)

On: 26 Dec 2022 05:12 PM

This past year, The GrEEK Campus has been busy doing a bit of everything; whether it's in relation to sustainability, women empowerment or community building, it’s all going on at our different locations across Cairo. And despite these past few years being challenging for everyone, The GrEEK Campus has significantly grown its community, partnerships and footprint in the market along with its collaborators and many members.  

From FinTech to E-Commerce, The GrEEK Campus is the proud home of 2,000+ entrepreneurs and some of the top funded and fastest growing tech start-ups in the MENA region. And with major ongoing expansion in The GrEEK Campus West, we are expecting even more members by next year!  

“The GrEEK Campus West combines the traditional elements found in the Downtown campus with a vibrant fast-paced commercial space. This means that our members have access to literally anything they might need footsteps away from their offices.” Nora Moussa, the Hub Manager at The GrEEK Campus West tells us about it.   

“The GrEEK Campus West offers around 12,000 sqm housing a few of the fastest growing tech startups along with marketing agencies, architectural design houses, consultant firms, and more. We also have an exclusive outdoor space of 2,500 sqm in the middle of a greenery park to help entrepreneurs and business owners relax and come up with inspiring ideas." says Nora.  

Power to the women of the 9-to-5 and the 5-to-9. 

After hearing from our brilliant colleague Nora Mousa, let us dive into some of the women-focused events we had the pleasure of hosting this year. The GrEEK Campus was the proud host of several women centred events in 2022, we understand that women are a core part of any community, the driving force behind many major projects and successes, and we strive to do whatever we can to support and empower their journeys.  

Some of our most notable events this year:  

  • WomanUp↑ Weeknights - a collaboration between The GrEEK Campus, BznsBuilder in participation with Falak Startups. The event brought together industry leaders to discuss the challenges faced by women in the business world and how they can empower and help build a brighter future for women across the country.  

  • Shaghalni’s 2nd Employment Fair for Women – a large scale employment fair for women in blue and grey collar fields 

  • Carerha Summit - the first women’s career summit promoting gender equality in Egypt   

  • Entaleqi Launch Event – celebrating womanhood, a gathering created by women for women, focusing on real-life inspirational stories from women of all walks of life.  

Earth to Egypt! Supporting the implementation of nationwide sustainable development initiatives.  

The very core of The GrEEK Campus is sustainability, as a space that’s been repurposed and transformed several times, from a school to a university and now to a tech hub for entrepreneurs, it is only fitting that we host some of the prominent initiatives and events that raise awareness on sustainability.  

Our most prominent initiative leading up to COP27 this year was Next in Mobility (NXM) Expo, Egypt’s First Electric Mobility Expo a collaboration between us and electrified in cooperation with CEDARE. Held at The GrEEK Campus West, NXM brought together 2000+ industry leaders and executives in the electric mobility sector as well as government officials to discuss the shift to e-mobility and the market response.  

Panellists included Tamer ALY, VP and General Manager at Valeo Egypt, Yasser Saleh, CEO at National Automotive Company – NATCO, Joey Deng, CEO at Huawei Digital Power and Shams Abdel Ghaffar, Managing Director at Infinity. However, GrEEK members electrified stole the show with their NATCO partnership announcement for online EV distribution which was an NXM Expo exclusive.  

The season’s biggest entrepreneurship Iftar gathering and FREE business consultancy for all MSMEs. 

Our community is what makes the campus our home. During the month of Ramadan, we hosted two Iftar events in partnership with ElRe7la and MQR, bringing together more than a thousand entrepreneurs and GrEEK members in the largest entrepreneurship community gatherings during the holy month.  

In June, we celebrated Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Day with Startups Expo in collaboration with ROWAD 2030 Project and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development. The event witnessed the inauguration of the first ROWAD 2030 Business Clinic for MSMEs at The GrEEK Campus Downtown, the first of its kind clinic for young entrepreneurs. The clinic provides access to exclusive resources one-to-one mentoring services aimed at helping start-ups face the complexities of the business world and grow their business, all with no cost. 

Artducation, is that a word yet? 

Creativity, innovation and expression are undeniably intertwined. For this reason, we strive to support the culture scene and its practitioners through our spaces and platform. 

Earlier this year, The GrEEK Campus alongside The Mexican Embassy and IOM Egypt hosted an Artist Talk & Pop-Up Exhibition: Migrant Humanity Project x Enrique Chiu. This meetup was an impactful focus on the work of social activist and painter Enrique Chiu for the start of his migrant humanity project focusing on the issue of enforced borders and the importance of movement freedom using the Mexico-US wall border as canvas. 

Summer means creativity and freedom, this past July we introduced The Junction Summer Sessions, a collaboration with Ryerson Cairo’s The Creative School. This collaboration shared the industry-ready curriculum and expertise of Toronto’s Ryerson University with The GrEEK Campus community in a series of workshops and events on Video Storytelling, Fashion Collection Development and Podcasting. 

We were also happy to sponsor Nouran Abu Taleb’s latest music video for the song E3gaz, filmed at The GrEEK Campus Downtown. Nouran Abu Taleb is a campus regular, performing frequently at corporate anniversaries, concerts and launch events.  

And with that, the 2022 season comes to an end! 

What a year this has been! So much has happened and we are not ready to slow down just yet. We hope our members and collaborators had as much fun as we did. Big plans are in motion for 2023 and we are extremely excited for it!  


Much love!

The GrEEK Campus Team