Knock Knock Founders, Marketing Managers and Neighbors ✊

By: Nour Matroud (The GrEEK Campus)

On: 21 Aug 2022 06:08 PM

Collaborate with energetic and persistent startup marketers and designers right next door to you.

You don’t have to spend hundreds-of-thousands to create an effective marketing campaign anymore! Let us help you make functional, creative and impactful content so you can reach satisfaction and awareness goals without needing to hire a full in-house marketing team. From ideation and concept creation to design, development and execution, we'll handle your content creation end-to-end so you can focus on what you do best.

Our team has a deep well of experience building brand fans. Since 2013, we’ve grown our small community up to over 230K tech and entrepreneurship enthusiasts, and we can do that for your startup too.


Attract ⭐

Promote 📣

Inspire ✨

Personalise 💙

Build upon strong foundations with the right copyrighting, visuals, color identity and look and feel.

Boost your product with integrated social media campaigns that deliver results.

Supercharge your growth with captivating photography and videography.

Connect with your target audience and boost sales with custom-made printables and event marketing. 


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Choose the plan that matches your growth stage—or ask for a custom package tailored to your needs.



Content Plan

Photoshoot Brand Posts Videos / GIFs Stories Auto Replies Platforms Media Plan


15 - 8 3 2 -


20 3 12 5 2 -

SocialBooster Plus

30 5 24 10 3


Let's Connect!


Tell us about your product and we'll help you find the best plan that suits your goals or build you a custom package. Shoot us an email at [email protected].