GrEEK Community Newsletter | February 2022

By: Nora Kamal (The GrEEK Campus)

On: 31 Jan 2022 04:01 PM

Discover the latest happenings on campus this month. 
We’re back to fill you in on the latest news, services and happenings programmed for the month of February. 
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PSA for female founders and entrepreneurs! 👩‍💼 Apply to Fortune Global Women’s Mentoring Program before 8 February. The program includes an opening session in Washington DC, a mentoring assignment from 14 to 23 May, and a closing session in NYC. Fortune's most powerful women mentors include CEOs and senior executives from some of America's most internationally recognized companies such as Accenture, Johnson & Johnson, and Aetna. The program provides participants with unique opportunities to develop their leadership, management, and business skills while gaining experience in the U.S. business environment. 

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Shaghalni Employment Fair is back with thousands of job opportunities for intermediate level graduates, craftsmen and blue-collar workers, in addition to some opportunities for college graduates. The fair will be held on Wednesday, 12 February at The GrEEK Campus Downtown. Interested in taking part? Simply fill out the form below and a representative from Shaghalni will reach out to walk you through the next steps.

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Get involved in the fight against the myths and misunderstandings surrounding mental illness. On Tuesday, 18 February, Naafsak will be hosting Mint Your Mental Health, aimed towards building awareness of mental illness, increasing access to treatment and reliable resources and connecting diverse communities to share stories with one another.

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Sports Gate Summit brings employment and skills development opportunities for youth considering pursuing a career in the sports sector. The event takes place on Tuesday, 25 February at The GrEEK Campus Downtown and includes lectures, sessions, workshops and talks led by accredited experts and influencers related to various fields of sports such as nutrition, personal training and more.

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Community Love

Show some love to the newbies on the block - 💙

Aydi is on a mission to empower 2 billion irregular workers across Egypt to find decent work opportunities, get access to essential services and receive training through an all-in-one platform that enables companies to source, manage, train and pay workers remotely. 

Fawaterak is an end-to-end e-payment solution that enables MSMEs to sell online and accept payments locally and globally using customized templates suiting every business. Features include branded invoices , product links , promo code and discount, ticketing, mini-store, performance reports and integration with over 15 payment methods.📍 Find them at D01B in Zone D, The GrEEK Campus West.

Kingfisher Studio is a creative agency offering a broad range of branding and design services, including: product branding, web and application design, video production, digital publication and event management. 📍 Find them at D02A in Zone D, The GrEEK Campus West.

Meet the female-owned hair care startup that is helping us live our best hair life - Locken specializes in clean and cruelty free hair products for naturally curly and textured hair 📍 Find them at D11 in Zone D, The GrEEK Campus West.

Onica is an AWS cloud consultancy partner with a team of certified experts specializing in cloud adoption, application modernisation, data and analytics, managed cloud operations, cloud cost optimisation, AI and machine learning, cloud app development and IoT devices. 📍 Find them at A06 in Zone A, The GrEEK Campus West.



The GrEEK Learn

Go little rockstar! Learn how to tap into your unique talents and strong suits and unlock your hidden potential in our upcoming workshop on 9 February with Adel Ghanem, co-founder and CEO at Eunoia Human Development.

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BznsPlan Accelerator Cycle 2 is here 🚀  -  join a group of upcoming entrepreneurs on a one-of-a-kind journey of learning, growth and networking. In just 4 sessions, BznsPlan Accelerator takes you through a focused and simple step-by-step process from the idea stage to the formulation of a viable business plan. Applications are open until 28 February, 11:59 pm. For members only, course fees are E£3,000 instead of E£4,400.

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The GrEEK Clinic

Pop-up clinic at The GrEEK Campus Downtown - receive your one-on-one professional medical consultation from a certified physician at the pop-up clinic on 15 February, 12 - 3 pm at the glass booth.


Beside this, the on-campus clinic is open for free consultations Sunday through Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm. 📍 Find it in the Greek Building, Unit G005, The GrEEK Campus Downtown.